Executive Director


Edward has over a decade of experience in working in treatment centers, detention centers, truancy, and public education institutions. He is a certified anger resolution therapist, success coach, and job placement specialist. Mr. Davis is also a candidate for the Doctorate in Nonprofit Management and Strategic Leadership. More importantly, Edward brings a unique approach to teaching and mentorship through his upbringing in some of the roughest communities in the Houston area. He understands the problem firsthand, because he lived it.

Program Director


Malik Ingram has an extensive background in program design, development, and implementation. His work with youth development spans across many sectors. From juvenile justice to HISD, Mr. Ingram has built a strong and impressive resume of educating and reshaping the minds of our youth. He has also received numerous awards and letters of recommendation for the many youth workshops and conferences he has organized and facilitated

Youth Advocate


Ms. Brown strongly believes in having positive and strong organizations or outreach programs that help aide in positive youth development and got involved with outreach programs to assist those behind her coming up.  A native of New York and being 1 of 3 in a single family house-hold, full of foster children that mom took in, she learned the value of support & genuine care for those around her.  Being from the inner-city she experienced life in ways that some of her peers at school and around her didn’t.

In New York she was involved with a community group called the CHILL PROJECT that provided numerous direct services to teens and young adults, including Tutoring and counseling. She also had several years of involvement with The Mohawk Valley Junior Frontiers Club, where she learned leadership, scholarship, citizenship, and community service skills. All of this has prepared her to be the perfect youth advocate for the Re-Creating ME girls program.

Art Therapy Manager


Kristopher is a businessman and Artist from Houston TX, with years of self discovery experience. Mr. Hatter encourages and inspires acute personal growth. He uses art to teach lessons on self-image, self-discovery, and self-development. He believes everyone has a better version of themselves inside them, and creatively helps them to tap in.

Youth Advocate


Erma holds certificates in several areas and has a bachelors degree in psychology. She is a board certified behavioral therapist with a specialization in the functions of behavior, antecedent behavior and effective deescalation techniques. Ms. Harper has over a decade of experience working with youth and adults with traumatic backgrounds, mental disabilities and limited physical capabilities. Her passion for the betterment of people is reflected in her philanthropy, volunteering, mentoring, and community outreach. Erma excels in media relations, public speaking and inspirational motivation.