Where We Begin

Re-Education and Re-Socialization (Re-Creating Me! by Re-Creating You)

There are three (3) stages of personal development in Re-Creating Self – Redefining Self, Rebuilding Self, and Being Yourself.
I. Re-defining ME (Out with the old, in with the new)
We believe that in order to redefine yourself in a positive, healthy, and productive way you must first “un-do yourself.” You must “un-do”, aggressively dismantle, and challenge all the negative and false images, concepts and beliefs of yourself.
Root Causes
• Fear, resentment, anger (Identifying root causes of “anger” in youth) • False beliefs and definitions of one’s self (Gangstas, niggas, gang members, etc)
• Anger at parents • Absence of parents (Mother and/or Father) • Lack of stability (drugs in the home; physical abuse, etc.) • Lack of support, understanding, etc. Explaining the impact of the mother and father on influencing child’s identity and sense of self.
Community Conditions
• Environment • Poverty • Perceived lack of opportunity
(Role Models vs Rogue Models)
Explaining the negative vs positive images of sports figures, entertainers, movies, drug dealers, etc. on influencing personal identity in youth.
(Self-Image vs Social Image)
Impact of social media in peer pressure, bullying, and violence in defining who we are.
(Community Education vs. Classroom Education)
Explaining the impact of community miseducation, i.e., what is learned outside of school (values, beliefs, etc.) impacting kid’s ability to learn in school. The roles of classroom and community in educating youth and shaping their image of themselves and the world (both positive and negative). The criminalization of kids as early as elementary – introduction to police, suspension, truancy courts, alternative schools, CPS as a form of discipline and intimidation in school
II. Re-Building ME (You)
Manhood training (What it is and what it is not)
• Self-respect • Responsibility • Building character • Fatherhood • Respect for women • Respect for authority
Womanhood training
• Self-respect • Responsibility • Building character • Motherhood
III. Being Me (You)rself
New image of Yourself (Your own role model)
• Learning to believe in Self • Learning to follow yourself • Learning to love yourself
Core Curriculum
• Life Skills • Anger Management • Leadership Development • Career assessment and support • Job Placement • Basic financial literacy • Goal Setting • Developing Healthy Habits • Computer Literacy & Basic Coding • Social Media (Being Responsible) • Bystander Community CPR • Hip Hop Therapy