About Re-Creating ME!

Re-Creating ME! is a community-based non-profit organization. Our primary passion and focus is instilling positive mental, emotional, and social development in our youth. The Re-Creating ME philosophy and program is founded on the principle of Re-Creating “Self”. We believe that a positive and powerful self-definition, self-awareness, and self-perception of ones “Self” will ultimately lead to pro-creation through affirmative self-actualization.

Re-Creating ME (Mission Statement)

Recreating me is an affirmation and a bold declaration that each individual must embrace and define for themselves. It is taking control of your own self-image and life’s direction. It is the realization that many things outside of ourselves have tried to define, shape, and create us. But only we have the right to say who we are and what we become. So, we must re-create ourselves in order to move beyond the limited expectations, poor descriptions, and ill definitions that have only served the interests and agendas of others. Recreating me means just what it says. It puts the responsibility squarely on the individual for executing real and lasting change.
It is also no coincidence that re-creating and recreating (exercising) are spelled exactly the same. This means that in order to re-create yourself you must be willing to exercise your mind, body and spirit. You must be willing to stretch yourself beyond the boundaries that have been set. We provide the tools. All you have to be willing to do is accept and use them!

On Becoming (The Philosophy of Self)

Knowing who you are ultimately determines what you are and, in many ways, what you will do. All knowledge of one’s Self is deeply rooted in one’s own “self-image.” This self-image of ourselves is not only our window to our souls, but it is also our window to the world. Meaning, the positive or negative way we perceive ourselves can have either an affirmative or adverse effect on our own personal development; the way we perceive others; as well as how we project ourselves to the world around us.

Our self-image essentially becomes our point of personal reference. It is from this personal reference point that we begin to filter through the lens of our own self-image our personal attitudes, beliefs, ideas, and concepts—about ourselves, GOD, religion, education, manhood, womanhood, family, community, authority, violence, etc.

It is therefore, critically important that we begin to re-define, reinforce, and recreate positive self-images in our youth of today who are most impressionable to the wrong ideas, beliefs, and concepts about themselves and the world. How our youth perceive themselves becomes the foundation in understanding how they think “now’ and also the litmus test for what they will do “later.”
Our team of expert coaches, counselors, and instructors have a wealth of knowledge and are highly credentialed. We offer comprehensive plans and programming to address your needs and help you to meet your goals.
  • Information packed practical training.
  • Practical learning experience with live project work and examples.
  • Practical assignments at the end of every session.
  • Practical assignments at the practical training.